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Happy Hour Features

15% off Sushi Special Rolls

50% off Hot Sake

$2.00 Domestic Beer

$1.50 Nigiri Sushi 1pc (exceptions apply)

$2.00 Wine Glass
(exceptions apply)

Imported Beer
Small: $2.50/ Large: $4.95

Happy Hour: Features

Happy Hour Items

Dine In Only (2pm-6pm)

Currently not available due to COVID19

Cream Cheese Wonton (6pcs)


Fried Calamari


Fried Gyoza (8pcs)


Fried Wonton (8pcs)


Tempura Shrimp (4pcs)


Tempura Vegetables


Vegetarian Egg Rolls (4pcs)


Garlic Soybean


Cucumber Salad


Seafood Salad


California Roll


Crazy Roll


Philadelphia Roll


Spicy Albacore Roll


Spicy Crab Roll


Spicy Salmon Roll


Spicy Tuna Roll


Happy Hour: List
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