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Panda Machi Combination Platters ($12.95)

(Served w/ rice, salad and your choice of one number and one letter)
Extra $1.95 to add an Egg Drop Soup

1. House Special Chicken                    A. California Maki (6pcs)

2. House Special Beef                           B. Fried Gyoza (4pcs)

3. Orange Chicken                                 C. Tampura Shrimp (2pcs)

4. Kung Pao Chicken                             D. Vegetarian Egg Roll (2pcs)

5. Broccoli Beef                                       E. Cream Cheese Wonton (3pcs)

6. Garlic Chicken                                    F. Fried Wonton (4pcs)

7. Garlic Shrimp (Additional $1)

8. Broccoli Shrimp (Additional $1)

Panda Machi Special Bento Box ($14.95-$20.95)

Served w/ rice and salad

-Panda Machi Bento                                                                         $14.95

Egg Roll (2pcs), California Roll (8pcs) & Teriyaki Chicken

-Special Panda Machi Bento                                                           $17.95

Las Vegas Roll (8pcs), Egg Roll (2pcs), Miso Soup & Teriyaki Chicken

-Bento A                                                                                               $18.95

Miso Soup, Cream Cheese Wonton (3pcs), Crunchy Roll (8pcs) & Teriyaki Chicken

-Bento B                                                                                              $20.95

Miso Soup, Rainbow Roll (8pcs), Fried Gyoza (4pcs) and Teriyaki Beef

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